Weekly Pool Water Maintenance


Filter Pressure & Backwash: Check Pressure on filter gauge. Backwash as needed
Check Water Level: Should be filled 3/4 of the way up the skimmer 
Clean Skimmer & Strainer Baskets: Clean skimmer basket from debris. Check the strainer basket at front of the pump & clean as needed. 
Vacuum & Brush: Vacuum & Brush at least twice a week 
Check Pool Equipment: Check if pool equipment is operating property 
Granular Sanitizer: Add regular amount of granular sanitizer daily (If not have an automated chemical feeder).

Salt Cell Cleaner: Clean once every 3 month 
Nature II Cartridge: Replace at the start of every season 
Sand Filter: Clean at the end of each season 
Cartridge Filter: Clean every 3 months using cartridge cleaner 

pH Levels range: 7.4 – 7.6 
Free Chlorine Levels Range: 1.0 – 3.0 ppm 
Alkalinity Levels range: 80 - 140 pm 

Oxidizer: Use Omni Shimmer every 1 week. Broadcast over surface. 
Stabilized Granular Chlorine: Use hth Granular Chlorine as needed by broadcasting over surface (some types require pre-mixing) 
Chlorine/Bromine Tablets: Use Omni Swim Clear Pucks as needed. Fill sanitizer as per manufacturer's instructions. 
Pool Perfect: Use Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect weekly by pouring Pool Perfect directly into skimmer. 
Stain & Scale: Use Omni Stain & Scale weekly or as needed by pouring it around the perimeter of pool water.