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Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
Your Guide to Pool Water Testing

Your Guide to Pool Water Testing

There’s nothing like a lazy afternoon spent by the pool, enjoying the sun, water, and weather with your family and friends. Though owning a pool has its benefits and is a sure bonus during a heat wave, we find a lot of our customers get a little stressed out when it comes to maintaining their pool and pool water.

To keep things easy, we’ve created a simple and effective guide to pool water testing. Just follow our steps and you’ll be maintaining your pool like a pro! So let’s dive into it, shall we?

Alexa: “How Often Do I Need to Test My Pool Water?”

Whether you're a new pool owner or a seasoned pro, testing your pool water is quite straightforward. However, we often hear that our customers are unsure as to how often they should be testing the waters, a task that is necessary to maintain a sparkly, clear water pool.

A good rule of thumb is to test your pool water once a week! Though if we’re experiencing rainy weather or if your family is utilizing the pool a little more than normal, it’s good to increase the frequency to two or three times a week, just to be proactive of course.

Why Testing Your Pool Water Is Necessary

No one wants to go swimming in a chemically unbalanced, cloudy pool! That’s just a fact. So, in order to maintain your pool’s health and chemical levels, testing the water is required. This not only helps to ensure that your pool won’t turn green or get cloudy, but will also let you know the amount of chemicals, and which chemicals, are required to add in to keep your pool functioning and safe for the family.

How To Properly Test Your Pool Water

From test strips to our own in-store water testing, there are so many easy and quick ways to test your pool water. Here we’ll break down how to test your water based on the tools that you have:

1. Pool Test Strips

One of the most painless and inexpensive ways to test your water is through pool test strips. A rather fool proof way, all you’ll need is a package of test strips, which you can purchase online or at any of our stores, and a sample of your pool water. This can be collected by inserting a clean and clear cup or bottle into your pool, going in until your elbow deep to scoop the water.

Once you have your sample and your strips:

  1. Dip your strip into the water with quick in and out movements. It is not recommended that you leave the strip in the water for long.
  2. After dipping it a few times, hold the strip out steadily for 15 seconds to allow it to read the water.
  3. One you have your reading, compare the strip to the package to see where your chemical levels are.
  4. Adjust your pool chemicals as required.

2. Pool Testing Device: Meet PHIN

If you want to take your pool testing to a whole other level, then you’re going to want to grab a PHIN Smart Water Testing Device. A different approach to water testing, this device monitors your pool water 24/7, taking the guesswork out of maintaining your pool. Plus, it offers digital monitoring, so you can view and watch over your pool levels through your phone!

With this device, all you’ll have to do is:

  1. Purchase your PHIN.
  2. Download the app for consistent monitoring.
  3. Connect your floating device to your app.
  4. Release the floating monitor device into your pool.
  5. Check the app to see your water levels and which chemicals need to be adjusted.
  6. Adjust chemicals as need be.
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PHIN Water Monitor

3. Taking Water Samples to Discounter’s Pool and Spa

If testing the water yourself isn’t for you, then of course we know an excellent team that would love to help! Grab a sample of your pool water in a transportable container and bring it over to your nearest Discounter’s location. We’ll test the water for you and call you when your results are ready, letting you know the chemicals that need to be added and adjusted to keep your water safe, clean, and healthy.

Maintaining your pool doesn’t have to be hard work! By testing your pool water weekly to keep an eye on your chemical levels, you can expect an easy summer filled with swimming, family time and lots of fun memories. Happy swimming!

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