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COVERfree is a patented technology that is a revolutionary liquid swimming pool cover. It is an advanced mono-layer product that helps save water and money by decreasing evaporation and heat loss. COVERfree creates an invisible barrier on the surface of the water that works even when swimmers are in the pool. Save water, save heat and save money with COVERfree! ***ONLINE PRICE ONLY***
Liquid Solar Fish – 99999
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Ecosavr™ contains enough Heatsavr™ liquid to last approximately one month, for pools with a 300 to 400 sqft surface area. Larger pools up to 800 sq. ft. will require 2 Ecosavr™. To use Ecosavr™, just cut along the dotted line, gently squeeze out any air inside Ecosavr™ and drop it into the pool. Ecosavr™ should sink to the bottom of your pool. The Ecosavr™ patented valve in the fin will slowly release the liquid into your pool so your pool will be covered 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and up to a month! ***ONLINE PRICE ONLY***