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Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.

Spa Contract Form

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Internal use only

1. Unless specified, the stated price is for the product only. Delivery, installation or set-up is extra.

2. If delivery is included in the total price, it is the customer’s responsibility to supply the additional help indicated on reverse to assist the driver to unload and position the product(s).

3. The customer is responsible for inspecting the product upon delivery and having the driver sign for verification of any deficiencies.

4. Where installation cannot be completed due to purchaser’s delivery conditions not being met, a charge may be applied for a return to complete the delivery.

5. All permits, accessory assembly, structural analysis, electrical hook-ups and repair of access are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

6. Specific details of the warranty will be shipped with each unit. Advanced copies are available upon request from Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse.

7. All warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Discounter's Pool & Spa Warehouse cannot alter, amend or assume manufacturer warranties.

8. The customer acknowledges that he/she has made the necessary measurements and met structural conditions to ensure that the product can be placed in the desired location.

9. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all sides of the spa are accessible in the event service is required. There is no labour coverage for time required to gain access to the spa.

10. Additional travel charges may apply to any service call. See manufacturer’s warranty for specific details.

11. If delivery is included in the purchase price, Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse will make every effort to deliver your product at the scheduled time. However due to unexpected circumstances, times may change. Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse is not liable for any expenses incurred in the event delivery dates or times are changed.

12. In the event of default of payment, Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse may remove any unpaid goods without legal process of law from the location and shall have the rights therein and thereto of a secured party under the Personal Property Security Act.

13. Customers are expected to take delivery of their spa within 30 days of the requested date on this contract or date of contract if no required date is specified. Failure to do so may result in applied storage fees or forfeiture of all deposits.

14. Cancellation restocking charges are applied to the spa purchase price and are subject to applicable taxes.

15. Uncertified personal cheques will be held for 15 business days prior to release of any product.

16. The customer acknowledges that he/she has read the terms and conditions outlined above.


A. Ensure proper electrical wire and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker is installed. Ensure there is ample wire to enter the spa and allow for flexibility during installation hook up.

B. Ensure there is a suitable level base to support the entire footprint of the unit. It is recommended that the base extend a minimum of 6” all around to allow for adjustments and ground maintenance.

C. Ensure that access and clearances are suitable for the model you have selected. All specifications are available within current literature or by consulting your nearest Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse.

D. Measure for any gates (heights & widths), fences, doorways, railings, stairs, slopes, or obstructions that may appear to pose movement restrictions.

E. As per the purchase agreement, if additional assistance is required all assistants should be suitable to physically assist.

F. Spa orientation is included in purchase price. Please arrange with your local Discounter's Pool & Spa Warehouse store for either an in store or online spa orientation tutorial.

If there are any uncertainties as to any of the above conditions, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse prior to delivery and/or request a site visit.