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Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions in effect for all retail, we are open at 50% capacity for all our establishments.
Due to new COVID-19 restrictions in effect for all retail, we are open at 50% capacity for all our establishments.

Our Customer Promise!

Thank you for making the decision to visit us, we truly value you as a fellow pool & spa owner. We know you have choices and we commit to you the following:

A PRICE YOU CAN TRUST: You can trust that we have the lowest possible price for your pool & spa needs, if not, please let us know* and we'll make it right by 10%!

ATTITUDE: We have been serving pool & spa owners for over 30 years and we love doing it! We know that when you are in our are not in your pool. We will strive to meet all your needs in the most positive way so you can get back in the water and enjoy.

EXCELLENCE: We strive to ensure our team is trained and very knowledgeable about the products and solutions to solve your challenges. We also know that your time is precious so we need to have your products in-stock when you need it. The more we know about you and your water, the better we can meet your needs now and in the future!

When working with our team, we also want you to know the following:

RETURNS: If you need to return an in-stock item, please have the original receipt, packaging and ensure that the item has not been used. We will provide a full refund within 14 days and a store credit after 14 days.

CUSTOM & SPECIAL ORDERS: Because these types of products are designed for your pool/spa we require full payment up front to ensure we can order your product. Once we place your order, a Custom Order is not refundable and a Special Order has a 15% restocking fee.

CHEMICALS: due to the nature of these products, all sales are final.

If you have any questions or concerns,
email and a DISCOUNTER’S POOL & SPA WAREHOUSE Customer Service Associate will contact you.

Thanks for visiting Discounter’s, now go jump in the pool!!

* Please provide the competitor’s price as advertised in print or online. The competitor must be a legitimate business operating and selling into the province of Ontario and must be able to deliver the product to match our 7-day delivery window. We will make it right by 10% if we have the item in stock!