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Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions in effect for all retail, we are open at 50% capacity for all our establishments.
Due to new COVID-19 restrictions in effect for all retail, we are open at 50% capacity for all our establishments.

Pool Safety Cover

What Is The Difference Between A Safety Cover & A Lock-In Cover?

Pool safety covers are one of the three common styles of pool covers - Lock in covers and tarp & waterbag are the two other common winter cover types. A lock in cover is either made completely of vinyl (just like a pool liner) or a poly tarp material with a vinyl bead. A lock in cover connects to a track that is installed along the coping edge of a vinyl liner pool. A safety cover installs into the deck surrounding the pool via brass grommets that are drilled into the deck

Benefits Of Safety Covers

Protects Your Family
Safety covers provide a tight and secure cover over your pool that lines up flush with your decking or patio stone. Safety covers are strong enough to hold your weight if someone was to walk across the cover. This makes it the safest option for pool owners who have children or pets.
Saves you Money
Safety covers are permeable which allows water and light to pass through the material. This feature saves you money on water bills; the snow melts into the pool in the spring which allows you to spend little or no money refilling it when you open the pool. Plus, you’ll save on the time it takes to refill the pool.
Durable and Easy to Store
Safety covers are built to withstand harsh winters. The covers are made from woven and extrusion coated polyethylene squares that are custom fit to the shape and measurements of your pool.
Visually Appealing and Easy to Clean
Vinyl covers create a sagging mess of pooled water covered in leaves and can become grimy and hard to clean. Simply hose down the material and use a brush to gently scrub off any dirt or debris. Safety covers are also great for backyards that get a lot of leaves; the wind will blow away leaves or you can use a leaf blower to keep your cover clear.

How Hard Is It To Install A Safety Cover?

There is a sliding scale of difficulty for installing safety covers on swimming pools that depends on the features of the pool:
Shape of the pool
Type of deck material
Intrusions on the pool deck
Pool steps

Types Of Pool Safety Covers

Standard Safety Covers
These lightweight covers are easy to clean and store, as well as being a breeze to put on or take off the pool. This type of cover will let in 5% of sunlight, preventing growth of algae and keeping out debris. Included is a 18 year warranty, with 2 full years.
Deluxe Safety Covers
Deluxe safety covers have double the durability of standard mesh. This type of cover will only let 2% of sunlight reach the bottom of the pool, preventing growth of algae and keeping out debris. Included is a 20 year warranty, with 3 full years. Included are heavy duty commercial grade stainless steel springs that will hold your cover in place year after year.

How To Measure A Pool Safety Cover?

Please be sure to add 1 foot overlap on each side of the pool!
Each reference point must be able to reach all points around the pool perimeter in a direct, uninterrupted straight line without crossing behind the other reference point!

Key Notes To Consider When Purchasing A Safety Cover:

When determining size of the safety cover you need, it must have an additional overlap of 1 foot on all sides!
Any features around the pool must be considered!
The positioning of your stairs!
The type of deck material around the pool!
The shape of your pool!

Do you have any questions?

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