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Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.

July 19, 2021

How To Measure Your Spa Cover

Helpful Tips

Use the helpful tips and printable template to make ordering your Spa Cover that much easier!
Measuring Tips
When measuring for your new Spa Cover, it is best to have two people help with the measuring,
"one to hold and one to read". Exact measurements are not crucial, however, you DON'T want to make the cover too small.
When in doubt make it a little larger (about an 1") than the final measurement. A cover, a little bigger will never be noticed,
whereas one too small will not hold the heat in. It will allow leaves and dirt in and will not look attractive. So, please confirm
your measurements before sending in your order.

Should I measure just the Spa (acrylic), or should I include the Wood Rim?
This is a personal preference, however most folks measure just the Spa acrylic, lip to lip. (See figure below). In some cases
you may want to measure to the Wood Rim, only because it may look better to you and it doesn't create a "Rim" for leaves
and other items to collect on. It does not help one way or another with energy efficiency.

Another thing to consider is the Spa Cover skirt/flap, you will want this to hang STRAIGHT DOWN. So, if the lip of the Spa is
at an angle, make sure you measure the cover long enough to achieve this. You don't want the skirt/flap sticking out by
measuring your Spa Cover too short. Also, measure the skirt/flap (3" is standard) long enough to cover the "Spa lip", or the
"Spa Cabinet Rim." (See figure below)
Measuring a Radius Corner (round corner)
Many Spa Covers have rounded corners. In order for us to make you a Spa Cover, we must know how rounded they are.
This is determined by figuring out their "Radius Dimension." The "Diameter" of a circle is the measurement across the center.
The "Radius" of a circle is half of its "Diameter". Very simple.
Method # 1:
To determine the Radius Corner of your Spa Cover or Spa, take a sheet a paper and trace around one of the curved corners of the Spa Cover or Spa. You will get a curved line (similar to those shown at the left). Remove the paper and complete the circle.

You can do this freehand, or we have a PRINTABLE RADIUS CORNER TEMPLATE that you can download here to help you out.

It doesn't have to look pretty! Just try to get it close. Then measure across the middle of the circle you drew, and divide by 2. That is the Radius Corner of your Spa Cover or Spa.
Method # 2:
Another way to measure the Radius is by placing a carpenter's square on the outside corner of you Spa. With a carpenter's framing square (above right), you need to "square" out the corner. Think of the corner as 1/4 of a circle. We need to know the radius of that circle. What will result is the framing square representing where the corner would be if the corners were not rounded. The inside of the carpenter's framing square (A) can be considered the inverse midpoint of the circle of the rounded corner. The distance between the corner of the carpenter's square and the place where it touches the spa (A) equals the Radius of the curve (B). As illustrated (above right), after "squaring" out the corner, measure along the framing square the distance from the inverse midpoint (A) and the end beginning of the rounded corner (B). Measuring a Radius Corner is not that difficult once you know how. The key is to NOT make it too big. If you measure the Radius too big, it WILL NOT cover the Radius Corner. However, if you measure it too small, it will be just fine. It may hang over a little but there will not be a noticeable difference. When in doubt, take the smaller measurement.
If you are still experiencing difficulties in obtaining your radius corner measurements, or you are unsure about any part of the measuring process, please send us an e-mail your scanned image as an attached PDF or JPEG to:, that way there can be no confusion.

Remember: If you are a little too big, the cover will still fit (and work) fine. However if you are even the slightest bit too small, the cover will not sit properly on the spa. If you have to guess one way or the other, go bigger.