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Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.

July 19, 2021

How To Install Your Eliminator Pool Winter Cover

The Eliminator Winter Cover is a quantum leap above the traditional winter cover. It Eliminates all the hassles of traditional covers such as parachuting, pumping off the water and debris, the risk of the West Nile Virus and more. Saving time, money and hard work!

The ONLY cover that is complete with a water saving kit to save you money!!!

How Does The Eliminator Cover Work?

A blue mesh strip runs down the center of the cover. During the winter, ice and snow envelop the cover weighing it down in the center. As the snow melts in the spring, the water filters through the mesh line. As a result the cover slowly rises. When the ice has melted, the cover is stretched tightly across the pool. Any debris, leaves or dirt dry up and simply blow away!

Your cover is essentially clean and free of debris. Simply unhook the straps, rinse the cover off and fold it up. Your pool water is clean and leaf-free. You save money as the ice water helps to fill your pool. You save hours of time and hard work. No more pumping water off your cover! No more piles of leaves in your Pool!
• Easy Installation
• Light Weight - Easy to Store
• 7 Year Limited Warranty
• All Hardware and Skimmer Dam included

• The dread of pool openings
• Cover Parachuting
• Leaves & debris on cover
• Pumping off water at opening
• The need for huge volume of water to refill the pool, which reduces water costs
• Standing water which promotes mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus

Eliminator Winter Covers are Proudly Made in Canada!

Installation Video

1. The Eliminator will allow water and melted snow to pass through the blue stripe. This will filter out all but the very finest of particles. The flow rate through the stripe is very slow. Depending on the amount of rainfall and wind, filtration can take several days. This is quite normal.

2. It is not natural for the cover to sag slightly towards the center of the pool. However, if the sag becomes pronounced, shorten up the one hole on the stretch rubber cords. Or move a hook to a loop slightly further away. In an extreme stretch situation, replace the rubber cords or tie a knot in the cord to shorten it.

3. Upon removing the Eliminator cover after winter, wash the cover with water and soft broom. Pay attention to the blue line. Dry and store for the summer.

4. The performance of the Eliminator cover is dependent upon the water level remaining at least at the level of the return jet. A very small leak in the pool liner will drop the water level significantly below the return over the winter months. Snow, water or ice loading will cause the cover to be forced down into the pool, since there will be no support for it. This will most certainly result in damage to the cover and/ or the straps, due to the extra stress. Damage done in this way in not covered under the warranty. If a leak is suspected in the pool liner, it is very important to find and repair the leak prior to winter closing. Damage to the cover due to insufficient water level ion the pool is specifically excluded from the warranty.
Decking- What if I have a full deck around my pool?
The Eliminator can now be stretched across the pool and onto the deck as in an in-ground pool. The deck walkway however needs to be a minimum of 24" in order to anchor the straps. However, in some instances eye bolt anchors will be needed to attach the 'S' hook.
Partial Deck?
In most instances the cover can switch from vertical anchors to horizontal for the deck part. Eye bolts may be required for this.
Will the cover go around a fence kit attached to the pool?
In most cased the cover will go around a fence attached to the side of the pool.
Why don't I have to drain my pool? Will draining not crack my skimmer or return?
Using the Eliminator dam system is optional. However, to maximize water conservation the dam system is recommended, so that draining the pool for winter is not necessary. The skimmer must however be left open for surplus water to drain out, also using foam pads or similar is recommended to install in the skimmer to prevent ice crushing.
What if I have a light in my pool?
Remove the light bulb as per normal and in most cases a rubber plug is required (#9) to seal off the return. If you use the dam system, it is not necessary to drain the water below the return. Simply remove the light bulb under the water and quickly insert plug. Will I get wet? Probably, but it is better than pumping the water down.
Will drilling into my vertical posts crack/ rust/ weaken them? Void Warranty?
No. The system is no different than attaching a fence kit to the side of the pool.
Can I or should I use my old cover and leaf net along with this new cover?
We do not see any advantage to this but it might be necessary in very high leaf areas to combine a leaf net on top of the cover.
Will attaching the cover with bungees collapse my pool?
No. The vertical bungees put very little stress on the pool.
Why can't I just attach my traditional cover with bungees that I buy at a hardware store? Can I just adapt my old cover to do the same thing?
No. It simply will not work. The Eliminator cover is quite different.
How much longer will this cover last than a traditional cover? Why?
We expect the Eliminator to last on average up to 7 years. Mainly because the wind stress is much less and then cover is made from a superior quality material.
Do I have to put the skimmer dam on?
No. This is optional. It is only there in order to maximize water conservation.
How long does it take to install? How many people?
With 2 people it will take less then 45 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: Eliminator Winter Covers are not safety covers.