HPI - Radiant Floating Spa Cover 8 ft × 8 ft - RADIANT


Save money on energy bills with a Thermal Blanket for your spa!

Floating spa and hot tub covers help to conserve energy and extend the useful life of your spa cover!

Over an extended period of time, heat, moisture vapor and chemical off-gases take a toll on the longevity of your spa cover, shortening the useful life. This 8' x 8' Thermal Blanket floats on the water underneath the spa cover to trap heat in. The hard cover keeps the cold air out, and the Thermal Blanket keeps the heat in the water. Together, they provide the maximum degree of heat retention possible in a hot tub as well as significantly reducing heat loss.

The Radiant Floating Spa Cover helps retain heat, saves on evaporation and chemical loss, and protects your hard spa cover all at the same time! This lightweight cover can be cut to fit any spa surface and features a foil underside that radiates heat back to the water, away from your hard cover so heat loss is minimized.

A MUST for outdoor hot tubs, but should also be used on indoor hot tubs as well. By using a Floating Thermal Blanket in conjunction with your spa cover, you are guaranteed to see your hot tub's energy costs go way down!


  • Protects hard cover
  • Helps retain heat
  • Helps save energy and will pay for itself
  • Reduces evaporation and chemical loss
  • Maintains heat with radiant technology
  • Measures 8 x 8 ft., can be easily cut to any shape

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Radiant hot tub cover

Very good at heat insulation. Light weight and easy
To use.