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Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Winterizing Your Pool

Winterizing Your Pool


1 - VACUUM the pool and remove all debris and objects from inside the pool.

2 - SHOCK the pool water with OMNI® Shimmer® or unstabilized chlorine. Allow the water to circulate for a minimum of two hours, or let run overnight. Add 1L Concentrated Algaecide; add OMNI® Stain & Scale Control. Add NATURAL CHEMISTRY® Pool Magic + Phosfree®.
Follow all manufacturer dosage instructions. Test and adjust pool water pH to 7.6 – 7.8 PPM. Do not close pool with pre-existing algae conditions.

3 - LOWER THE POOL WATER level to just below the lowest return jet or suction inlet fitting.

4 - REMOVE return jet eyeballs, skimmer baskets, deck accessories (diving boards, ladders, handrails, safety rope, etc.). Pool lights must be removed from pool wall niches and either lowered and weighted down, or placed on pool deck. DO NOT DISCONNECT LIGHT WIRES.

5 - REMOVE drain plugs from pump, filter, heater (open drain valves), drain automatic feeders, disconnect or drain any additional accessories and remove pressure gauge(s). For gas heaters, disconnect the water connection on the pressure switch and allow tube to drain, shut off all gas valves and open pressure relief valve (if installed). For salt water pools, clean salt generator cell with KLEAN CELL SALT CELL CLEANER and follow manufacturer’s storage recommendations. Always follow all equipment manufacturer winterizing guidelines.

HELPFUL TIP Place all filtration plugs, etc. in pump strainer basket for storage. Place all pool fittings, etc. in skimmer basket for storage.

6 - Remove Return Plumping-  Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum, remove all water from return plumbing by either vacuuming or blowing from return fittings and alternate this procedure from all fittings until no water remains. Remove water from suction line by vacuuming water from the skimmer suction pipe (the hole usually farthest from the pool in skimmer). If the main drain line is open to the skimmer (the hole usually closest to the pool), insert 2’ foam “Pipe Protector” rope into main drain pipe and plug with a “Gizzmo” (skimmer expansion bottle) before vacuuming suction line.

7 - Pipe protector- Prior to plugging all fittings, insert approximately 2’ of “Pipe Protector” into each fitting allowing “Pipe Protector” to extend into elbows or bends in pipes. Use Teflon tape on all threaded plugs.

8 - FOR SECURITY COVER users, simply install cover onto existing deck anchors as per manufacturer instructions. Inspect cover and hardware to ensure the integrity of installation. Add one 4 L bottle of HIBERNIA water preserver to pool water.

9 – FOR TARPAULIN WINTER COVER users, place cover over pool. Arrange winter cover so that the cover lies on the deck, then falls down each side of pool wall and flat across the pool water. Ensure that there is slack material in the corners and step sections to allow for precipitation to build up. PLACE WATER TUBES end to end around perimeter of pool. Fill water tubes 2/3 (two-thirds) full. If the water tubes tend to roll, either bend the water tube at each end or use double chamber water tubes. For aboveground pools without a deck, winch wire rope tightly around pool perimeter below ledge caps. Please note, winter covers perform a membrane between clean pool water and the precipitation and debris on top. DO NOT USE BRICKS OR ROCKS TO SECURE COVER. Add minimum one 4 L bottle of HIBERNIA water preserver to top of winter cover.

Tarpaulin winter covers are not intended to suspend water, snow and ice. Verify and compare pool size and cover size before installation of pool cover to ensure adequate material coverage. Opened covers are final sale.

• Pad any rough or sharp edges that may puncture or tear the cover if under stress. If the pool is exposed to windy conditions, add a
layer of water to the top of winter cover to secure cover.
• Do not close your pool if you sense you have a leak or are losing water.


Due to varying municipal environmental bylaws, check with your local bylaw office for any restrictions and guidelines for the disposal of pool water. The above information is a guideline for closing a pool. It is recommended to refer to all manufacturer owners’ manuals for your specific equipment to ensure proper winterization. Due to variations in pool design, construction, and natural elements, DISCOUNTER’S POOL AND SPA WAREHOUSE is not liable for damages or otherwise as a result of following suggested guidelines. If you are uncertain and / or unable to properly winterize your pool, contact a pool service professional.

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