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Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
More than Just Safe: The Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

More than Just Safe: The Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

When you aren't using your pool for swimming and fun in the sun, it is important to cover it with a safety cover. Safety covers are light yet extremely strong covers for in-ground pools. Of course, as the name suggests, safety covers enhance your pool's safety features of your pool, but they also bring several other benefits.

Extra Safety

Of course, the primary purpose of the pool safety cover is to keep people safe. A pool safety cover is much safer than vinyl pool covers because they can withstand some weight, so if you accidentally step on the surface, you won't fall into the pool. In other words, children, pets, and backyard critters who wander onto the pool cover won't fall into the water because the cover is strong enough to hold their weight.
This is especially important when your inground pool is snow-covered during the winter months, and it can be hard to see the pool's outline.
The peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe is the main benefit of a pool safety cover, but there are others!

Low Maintenance

A great feature of safety covers is that they are easy to clean. Unlike vinyl covers, they do not collect gunky residue and can be hosed down when they require freshening. Made from durable materials, safety covers are built to last with little to no attention.
Safety covers are usually made from a woven material like polypropylene, which provides a tight, yet flexible fit to suit your pool’s unique shape. In addition, safety covers keep your water and pool better protected than tarps or netting, therefore reducing the amount of preparation and work when opening and closing your pool.

Water Hygiene

Another primary function of a pool safety cover is to keep unwanted dirt, leaves, and stagnant water out of your pool. This will keep the pool cleaner and leave you with less work come spring.

Simple Storage

When you are not using your safety cover, it is straightforward to store – you don’t even need a pool shed! The safety cover is easy to fold and store in a dry space when it is not being used. Unlike vinyl covers, there is no need for water or chemical solutions to ensure the cover is in good shape for next year.

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Polished Appearance

Many people complain that vinyl covers move around a lot or sink into their pool in spots creating a visually displeasing appearance for the pool area. On the other hand, a safety cover is taught and made to fit perfectly so that it is always flat and level on top of your pool. There are various colors to choose from to ensure that your safety cover looks just right with your patio stones and accessories. When the pool is not in use, you can take pride in its neat and tidy appearance.

Snug Fit

Safety covers differentiate from regular pool covers because they fit perfectly to your pool shape to create a tight seal. It’s this tight seal that keeps unwanted people, animals, and debris out of your pool. In fact, safety covers are anchored into your pool deck, and with no water bags, they make opening and closing your pool much more manageable.
Safety pool covers come in a variety of colors. If eventually, your pool cover wears out, you can get a replacement that is a replica of the original without spending as much as you would on a new one.

Safety Cover FAQ

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Safety Pool Covers?

Traditional pool covers are mesh or plastic and roll out over your pool to create a thin barrier on the surface of the water. They’re often secured with water bags, which can be a pain to fill and maintain.
Traditional pool covers help keep light debris like leaves out of your pool, but because of their flexible material, they do not enhance the level of safety around your pool.
Safety covers, on the other hand, are lightweight but durable covers for in-ground or semi-inground swimming pools. Their primary function is to keep children, pets, and other critters from falling in the pool.
As an added bonus, safety pool covers keep leaves, grass, snow, and other unwanted debris from entering the pool and creating a mess to deal with in the spring. However, their primary purpose is safety. For these reasons, pool safety covers are a necessity for any pool owner with children or pets.

Can You Install a Safety Pool Cover Yourself?

Installation of safety pool covers can be done yourself and they come with all the necessary tools and hardware for you to install yourself.

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