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Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
Welcome to pool season! We are now offering FREE shipping Canada-wide on orders over $199.
How to Clarify and Clear Your Cloudy Pool Water

How to Clarify and Clear Your Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy water got you down?

As a pool owner we know that the last thing you want to see when stepping outside for a swim is a pool full of cloudy water. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also indicate that there’s an underlying issue at hand.

To make the most out of this summer season, we’re going to outline quick, easy, and efficient ways to clear up your pool water so that you can spend more time enjoying it, rather than working on it.

Why Is My Pool Water Cloudy?

While cloudy pool water may come as a shock, it’s a rather common experience that many pool owners go through. But, it’s important to understand what may have caused this incident so you can further prevent it from happening again. Here are the main causes of cloudy pool water:

1. Poor Filtration or Circulation

Filtration and circulation play a vital role in making sure that chemicals are properly dispersed, and small material can be filtered out of the pool. You can help prevent cloudy water by making sure filter media is properly cleaned on an annual basis and you are running your pump for an appropriate amount of time every day.

2. Improper Water Chemistry

If your pool water has a high PH and Alkalinity, it becomes very easy for grime and scale to form and prevents your sanitizer and filtration system from working properly. This can result in cloudy water as well as scale formation on the pool surface and inside the equipment.

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3. Organic Build Up

Organic matter such as sunscreen, sweat and pollen can have an extreme effect on water clarity. As this organic contamination builds up in the water, chlorine will be consumed more rapidly, and the pH and Alkalinity are more likely to fluctuate.

If there’s one thing to be reminded of, it’s the importance of proper sanitizer levels in your pool! This key component can help prevent bacteria and build up from occurring. Maintaining proper circulation, filtration and water balance, as well as eliminating organic build up on a weekly basis will, and keep your pool water looking crystal clear and help your sanitizer to work more efficiently.

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Pool Clarification: Turning Cloudy Water to Clear

1. Scrub Down Your Pool

There’s no doubt about it - you’re going to have to give your pool a deep clean and scrub in order to get rid of the cloudy water. Brushing the pool wall and floors should be done weekly in order to prevent water issues. Paying close attention to corners, behind ladders and under slides or diving boards is particularly important, as these are lower circulation areas of the pool.

2. Ensure Proper Filtration & Circulation

Once your pool has been scrubbed down, it’s time to ensure that your pool filtration system is working well. As we’ve mentioned before, algae and build up can grow in all areas of your pool, so it’s not only important to clean out pump and skimmer baskets regularly. It is also important to chemically clean your filter media at the end of every pool season. Backwashing or rinsing cartridges will remove larger debris but using a proper filter cleaner will ensure that oils are removed and will prolong the life of your filter media. You should also make sure that the pool returns are pointed on a 45° angle downward and all facing to the right (or left), so the water moves in a circular motion. And remember, as a rule of thumb, any time you are experiencing a water quality issue your pump should remain on until the water is clear.

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3. Proper Water Chemistry

Not sure how to tell if your water chemistry is just right? That’s where we come in. Grab a sample of your water and head on over to your nearest Discounter’s Pool and Spa so we can conduct a test and let you know the results. Making sure the pH and Alkalinity are within the proper range will clear any cloudiness caused by improper water balance.

4. Give it a Shock!

If chlorine levels are low, the next step is should be to shock your pool. This is something we recommend doing at night, or during a day when no one is planning on utilizing your pool, allowing the strong chemicals the time which they need to work their magic and get rid of any bacteria foreign debris.

One product that we love to can rely on when our water isn’t as clear as we’d like is needs a good shock, is OMNI Shimmer. This will help to boost chlorine levels and work to clarify the water. Adding the required amount of Natural Chemistry Clear immediately after shocking, will give your water an extra sparkle!

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5. Removing Organic Contaminants

Sometimes the water balance is perfect, and the chlorine levels are great. If this is the case, your pool could be overwhelmed with organic material. Organics can build up quickly in your water but using enzymes to break them down will keep your water clear and your chlorine will last longer. For clearing cloudy pools caused by heavy organic loading, Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid is simple to use and works like a charm. It will break down anything from sunscreen and pollen to gasoline and oil spills. You can use Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Max on a weekly basis to help maintain crystal clear water and remove water line build up!

Cloudy pool water is never a good sign, but with these simple pool clarification tips, you’ll easily be able to get your pool back on track, looking as good as ever! Now, who’s ready to go for a swim?

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