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Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
How To Build Your Above-Ground Pool with Discounter's

How To Build Your Above-Ground Pool with Discounter's

Creating an above-ground pool package is almost as hard and time consuming as building your above ground pool! That is, until now. Over the past few years we’ve seen a great deal of our customers have many questions in regards to creating the pool package that’s right for their family and backyard needs. This got us thinking that something needed to be done!

Introducing our simplified Build My Above-Ground Pool. Not only is it easy to follow along the six step process and create the right package for you and your family, but you’re able to assess and add in all the items you’ll need to create the ultimate pool experience.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing an above-ground pool or have always wondered what the ultimate pool package would entail for you and your family, then look no further! We’re here to make this process easy and quick. Let us “swim” you through the process;

Pick Your Pool Model

The first step in the process will be to pick the pool model that works for your backyard space, and for the budget you have in mind. We have three options available to choose from, all with different shapes and sizes available:

The models are listed from lowest price point to highest, with the Cornelius Canyon Above-Ground Pool being the highest cost, due to its higher grade, heavy duty materials. Once you’ve found the shape, size, and price point that matches your needs, it’s time to move into the next step.

Select Your Water Care

Everyone knows that water care is essential to making a great pool experience! After all, if your water is murky, green, or cloudy, no one will want to swim in it. That’s why we offer Start Up Water Care Paks and Seasonal Water Care Paks, along with other important accessories like a floating pool dispenser, to the pool package. Here you’ll select the type of package that you need and will save between 25-35%.

Keep in mind, for the Quantum and Canyon models, these pools operate as either chlorine or salt water pools. Decide which system you’d like and select the pool package that works for you!

Pick Your Form of Water Entry

Depending on the features of your backyard you’ll either require a deck or no deck option for water entry. During this step you’ll be opted in to selecting whether your pool will be against a deck or not, to pick the ladder that’s right for you.

Again, this section of the process has various ladder options available at different price points, helping you to stay true to your budget.

Here Come the Performance Packages

Typically when creating a pool package it's necessary to find and add in a pump, filter, or a vacuum hose. However, Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse has made it easier with our two performance packages; BIMINI and CATALINA.

Each bundle comes complete with a pump, filter, plumbing kit, maintenance kit, 15’ pole and a vacuum hose. The difference between the two is that the BIMINI comes complete with a 1.0HP pump and a sand filter, whereas the CATALINA package (at a higher price point) provides a 1.5HP pump with a cartridge filter.

Are You Covered?

Every pool needs a cover! This helps to make pool maintenance easy, as well as prevents dirt, debris, and other contaminants from falling in your pool during the off season. At this point in the process it’s time to select the cover option that works for you, your price range, and the size and shape of your pool.

You’ll be prompted to select between 3 desired cover types:

  • Leaf; designed to help prevent leaves from falling through into the pool
  • Winter; designed to protect your pool from the wear and tear of the freezing weather and to make pool opening easy and quick
  • Solar; designed to ensure heat generation, retention, and helps reduce the evaporation of your water and water care products

Add in the Extras

The last step is the best step! Once you’ve built your pool package with all the necessary items that your pool needs, it’s time to add on some of the exciting pool extras that will take your backyard to the next level.

Choose between cleaners, natural gas heaters, propane heaters, electric heaters and pool lights to make your backyard oasis fully come to life and to make this investment all the more special.

And that’s it! You can either work with a sales rep in store to build your own pool package and ask all the necessary questions, or visit our website here to get started. Building your pool package has never been easier, quicker, or more fun! Enjoy the process and get creative building your family the ultimate pool for the summer.

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