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Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Hot Tub Hacks

Hot Tub Hacks

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just purchased a hot tub or have owned and operated one for years, it helps to know a couple of tips and tricks that will make caring for your spa a whole lot easier. From knowing when to change the cover to some quick tricks that will help you utilize your tub better, we’re listing out our favourite hacks that will help you to spend more time relaxing, instead of maintaining. So, the question is; are you ready to become a hot tub master? Because we’re here to teach you!

Keep Your Cover Off After Adding Chemicals

One of the best ways to extend the longevity of your cover is to ensure you’re not exposing it to harsh chemicals and gases. That’s why it is recommended that you wait up to 30 minutes after adding chemicals into your tub before putting the cover back on. If not, you run the risk of exposing your cover to chemicals that can eat away at the vinyl! 

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Cover

Though it can be expensive to replace your cover, when it becomes time to do so, it’s necessary that you act quick! A hot tub cover helps to maximize installation and prevents dirt, debris, and other items from falling into your hot tub, keeping your investment safe. So needless to say, it’s important to have! Here’s some ways in which you can tell if your cover needs to be replaced:

  1. It doesn’t installate your hot tub properly, releasing heat too quickly due to water build up in the cover.
  2. Your cover becomes heavier! This is a process that happens over time (a few years) and can sometimes be difficult to notice. A great way to test is to try lifting the cover with your non-dominant arm. If it’s hard to do - it may be time to get a new cover!
  3. Cover starts pooling water! This is a telltale sign of water build up, indicating that your hot tub cover is becoming heavier which can affect your cover lift.

Create Makeshift Props to Release Excess Heat in the Tub

As temperatures rise in the summer, your hot tub and hot tub cover can become extremely hot, increasing the temperature in the tub. To help release some of this heat, we recommend inserting a prop between the cover and the shell. While anything soft and strong can be used, one of the best items that we’ve relied on is a pool noodle. Just cut down the noodle to a smaller size and squeeze it in between. Easy and efficient!

Have Extra Filters On Hand

A dirty filter prevents you from using your tub! While many will simply wait to hop in and enjoy their spa until their dirty filter has been cleaned, we just recommend having a spare one on hand. That way you can insert the clean filter while your dirty one soaks and continue using your tub. Why wait if you don’t have to?!

Winterize Winterize WINTERIZE

We’re not going to beat around the bush, our winters are COLD! To prevent any damage from the heavy snow or the extreme cold temperatures, it’s important to winterize your spa. At Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse, we have tons of products that can help get your hot tub ready for the colder season. This tip is extremely important, especially for those who don’t use their tub too often during the winter season.

Congratulations! With these 5 tips, you’ve become a hot tub master. Now, these tips may seem super simple, but they will help keep your hot tub and hot tub cover running and looking the best that they can be. Plus, they also prevent your investments from becoming damaged or having to be replaced often. After all, a hot tub is meant to keep you relaxed and calm, not stress you out with maintenance tasks and to-do’s.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to talk to any of our associates at our Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse locations. Now who’s ready to relax?

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