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Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.
Welcome to pool season! We are your trusted resource for all pool and spa needs, supplying everything you need to open and maintain your pool. Shop now and be the first ones in the water this summer.

Picking the Right Automatic Pool Cleaner for You and Your Pool

Let’s be honest here! Everyone loves to swim in their pool, but no one loves to clean and maintain it. That’s why automatic pool cleaners have sky-rocketed in sales. Not only are they easy to use and have a long life-span, but they also do most of the cleaning work for you. We say most because to be honest, there still is some maintenance work required from your end!

So, if you’re one of the many who love to use their pool but dread cleaning it every week, then an automatic pool cleaner is a great option for you. The only question is, which type of pool clean is the right one? Let's find out.

Automatic Pool Cleaners: Our Saving Grace

If you aren’t familiar with pool cleaners, they are tools that help to keep your pool clean and swimmable for the family every week. While filters and other systems help to remove dirt and debris from your pool water, cleaners help to make sure that the dirt and debris that gets stuck to the bottom or side of your pool is also scrubbed away and filtered out.

What many people don’t know however is that there are three different types of automatic pool cleaners; Robotic, Pressure-side and Suction-side. The first step of buying an automatic cleaner is deciding which type is the right one for you!

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic cleaners are hands down the most advanced forms of cleaners on the market, but they also are the most expensive. This is because your paying for features such as the “pool mapping system.” Inside every robot there is technology that allows the bot to “map out” your pool so it can ensure it cleans the entire pool surface. Giving you that guaranteed clean!

Now, for these types of cleaners you won't have to install them to your pool’s filtration system. Instead, you’ll be required to hook them up to an electric outlet. This will save you time, as well as save wear and tear on your pool’s filtration system.

Some other features of robotic pool cleaners is that they are energy efficient and are compatible with every pool type. Some of the newer options even come with WiFi capabilities so you can start, stop, and set up your bot directly from your phone.

If you're looking for a higher-end, energy efficient cleaner that really does it all, and connects to WiFi, then a Robotic Cleaner may be the best option for you. You can shop Robotic Cleaners online and in-store, and we recommend the Hayward AquaVac 600 as well as the Polaris P965iQ 4WD Robotic Cleaner with iAquaLink Control - F965IQ.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure-side pool cleaners use the pressure that is caused from your pool pump to clean your pool. Therefore they have to be connected to the pressure side of your pool’s return line, so that these types of cleaners can use the water flow to work effectively.

While these types of cleaners are not as advanced as robotic cleaners, they are a little more budget friendly, and do not cause as much of a strain on your filtration system as suction-side pool cleaners do. In addition, given the side in which this cleaner hooks up, it also does a great job in helping to distribute heat from your pool heater around your entire pool.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes a booster pump is required for the pressure-side cleaner, which is a cost that should be taken into consideration when purchasing this pump.

If this feels like the right option for you, then we recommend checking out the Polaris 280 or Polaris 380, as well as the Polaris Quattro P40.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

Last but not least, we have the Suction-Side pool cleaners. The most budget friendly option on the market, plus they require little to no maintenance over time, which makes this a wonderful option for many pool owners.

Unlike the other two pool cleaner options, Suction-Side cleaners rely on the suction side of your pool filtration system and through this process, they dump debris back into the filter. This, unfortunately, does cause a great deal of wear and tear on your filtration system over time.

Now, if you’re looking for an option that is budget friendly and will give you some time away from manually having to clean your pool, a suction-side cleaner may be the right option for you! We recommend the Hayward AquaNaut 200, 4-Wheel Drive Suction Side Cleaner - W3PHS21CST or the Zodiac MX8 Elite Inground Cleaner - MX8EL.

Choosing an automatic pool cleaner may sound simple, but there is a great deal to consider. From budget to processes to technology add ons, there’s a lot! If you have any questions or want more recommendations, feel free to reach out to our in-store experts at any of our Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse locations. But if you already know which option is the right one for you, then it’s time to purchase your cleaner. So, stop manually cleaning your pool and let someone else, or rather something else, do the job.

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