Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pumps (VSP) Hayward Variable Speed Pump
EcoStar SP3400VSP


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Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump 115V SP26115VSP

SuperPump 115V

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Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump SP2603VSP

SuperPump 230V

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Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump - SP2602VSP
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In-ground Pool Variable & Single Speed Pumps

Pump Name
Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump
Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pump
Hayward TriStar Variable Speed Pump
Hayward TriStar Variable Speed Pump (No Display)
Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump (115V)
Hayward Variable Speed Super Pump (230V)
AquaPro Variable Speed In-Ground Pool Pump
Hayward Tristar 1/2 Hp Full Rate Pump
Hayward Tristar 3/4 Hp Full Rate Pump
Hayward Tristar 1 Hp Full Rate Pump
Hayward 1/2HP Super Pump
Hayward 3/4HP Super Pump
Hayward 1HP Super Pump
Hayward 1HP Super Pump, 2-Speed
Hayward 1-1/2HP Super Pump
Hayward 2HP Super Pump
Carvin Magnum Force 3/4 HP In-ground Pool Pump
Carvin Magnum Force 1 HP In-ground Pool Pump
Carvin Magnum Force 1.5 HP In-ground Pool Pump
Hayward Max Flo 1Hp In-Ground Pool Pump


Above Ground Pool Pumps

Pump Name
Hayward 1HP PowerFlo Matrix Pump with Base
Hayward 1.5 HP Dual Speed PowerFlo Matrix Pump with Timer and Base


Submersible Pool Pumps

Pump Name
Superior Pump 1/5HP Submersible Pump


About Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. It pulls water from suction parts such as skimmers and main drain and pushes it through the filtering, heating and sanitizing equipment and finally back to the pool through return jets. Pool pump’s function is the most significant function, without which no other equipment can work.

What pump is suitable for your pool?

Do you think a bigger pump with high horsepower is always a good option? Or a pump with highest flow rate is the best? The answer is NO. Select a pump for your pool depending on the type and capacity of your pool. For above ground pools, use pumps with low flow rate and for in ground pools, use pumps with medium or high flow rate.
In-ground pools having capacity from 15,000-25,000 gals can use a pump with medium flow rate like 3/4 to 1HP Super Pump. Pools having capacity above 25000 gals can use the pump with high flow rate such as 1.5 or 2 HP Super Pump or Variable Speed Pump.
If you want to know the horsepower of your pump, look at the nameplate that is left of the pump motor in small letters hp.
Don’t forget to select a pump from a reliable and well known manufacturer like Hayward, Jandy and Pantair, etc.

Above ground pool pump

An above ground pump needs a low flow rate as it depends on the gravity pushing water down into the pump basket for priming. The voltage required for an Above Ground Pump is 110/120 volt and it has a standard wall plug.

In-ground pool pump

Unlike an above ground pump, an in-ground pump can Self Prime - It pulls water from suction parts and pushes it through the filter, heating and sanitizing equipment and finally back to the pool through return resources. Voltage for in-ground pumps is 220 volt with the ability to switch to 110 volt and is hardwired installation. In-ground variable speed pumps are energy efficient pool pumps, using less power while doing more work.

Above ground pump or In-ground pump?

To decide which pump type is suitable for your pool, the first thing is to decide what pool type (above ground or In-ground) you have. If you have a semi in-ground pool then, look for the “location of your pump” It will help you to decide in pump selection. If your pump location plane is above the level of your pool water, then you need an in-ground pump.

How Pool Pump Works?

How Pump Works

On each pump, there are two ports from where water comes in and exit out. In a pool pump there are two chambers. First chamber is called pull side and second chamber is called push side. First chamber consists of strainer port that is before the impeller and second chamber is the push side of the pump after impeller.

On first chamber, there is a strainer basket cover that gives access to the strainer basket. Water comes in and strainer basket filters large pieces of debris. A diffuser collects water from the strainer box and further directs water to an impeller. The Impeller generates water pressure through centrifuge and a motor, and finally water exit out the pump to return to pool.

In other words water is sucked in through the basket through diffuser and impeller. As the impeller spins, water is thrown out the outer slots of the impeller and is collected by a diffuser. Finally water is funneled through slots in the diffuser into the high pressure water chamber and then out the exit port to the pool.

There are typical 4 seals that play an important role to function a pump between these two chambers. These are strainer pot gasket, diffuser gasket, housing gasket and motor shaft seal. If any of the seal is not in good condition can raise common pool problems.

Typically pool pump motors last about 8-10 years and later you can rebuild or replace it.

Pool Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Noisy pool pump?

If you have a noisy pool pump then it is a wise decision to replace bearings and shaft seal if motor is few years old.

Leaking pump?

Pump leak is a common problem that is due to when threaded fitting carrying water out of the pump shrinking from heat and consequently water drips, run or spray. In this scenario you need to replace with high temp fitting so leak do not occur again. Cut the pipe after pump, replace male threaded adaptor using a suitable thread sealant and finally connect the fitting to the pipe.
If your pump’s mechanical shaft seal is worn out could be another reason of your pump leak. Mechanical shaft seal is a separation between pump’s wet end and dry end and allows motor shaft to enter the pump and spin freely so that water do not leak. Use Ozone and Salt resistant pump seals as they are made with material that can better resist deterioration from salt water or ozone.

Air in pump basket?

A pump operates perfect if it is air free and create necessary vacuum. If you notice air in the pump basket, will effect filter efficiency and can prevent your pump to move water. This problem is found in front of the above ground pump. The main cause is the pump inlet fitting that turned loose or shrunken due to heat or installed without thread sealant. If your pool water level is too low, can be another reason that caused air in pump. If skimmer is stuck in the up position, it will block the water and cause skimmer to drain and take in air. Check your pump basket lid is very tightly secured and o-ring is properly lubricated to avoid air.

Pump is not fully functional?

If you feel that your pump is not pumping as usual and there is no air in pump, could be a dirty pool filter or closed valves. Clean your skimmer and pump baskets and position them properly. Make sure that pump lid is closed tightly. If your pump basket is broken or damaged, it should be replaced otherwise it will allow debris to clog the pump’s impeller.

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