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Hayward SwimClear 200 Sq Ft
Cartridge Filter - C200S

Regular Price: 949.99
Price: $699.99
save $260

Hayward SwimClear 425 sq ft
Cartridge Filter - C4030

Regular Price: 1,249.99
Price: $1099.99
save $220

Hayward Pro Series 24"
Sand Filter - S244TC

Regular Price: 599.99
Price: $449.99
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Sand Filters

Filter Name
Hayward Pro Series 21" Sand Filter
Hayward Pro Series 24" Sand Filter -
Hayward Pro Series 27" Sand Filter
Hayward Pro Series 31" Sand Filter
Hayward Pro Series 36" Sand Filter
Hayward Pro Series 18" Sand Filter
Carvin 18" Sand Filter
Carvin 22.5" Sand Filter
Carvin 24" Sand Filter



Cartridge Filters

Filter Name
Sta-Rite System3 - 150 sq ft Cartridge Filter
Sta-Rite System3 - 300 sq ft Cartridge Filter
Hayward SwimClear 150 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter
Hayward SwimClear 200 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter
Hayward SwimClear 325 sq ft Cartridge Filter
Hayward SwimClear 425 sq ft Cartridge Filter
Hayward SwimClear 525 sq ft Cartridge Filter
Hayward XStreme Above-Ground Pool Cartridge Filter



D.E. Filters

Filter Name
Hayward Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. Filter
Hayward Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. Filter



About Pool Filters

There are three popular methods of filtration – Sand, Cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth (D.E).

Sand Filters

For an In-ground pool or above ground pool, Sand Filters are the most compact and affordable option. Filter sand removes dirt and debris when water passes through the media and cleaned water enters back into pool from bottom end of the filter. As the filter sand gets older and dirtier, water flow pressure will decrease and consequently will increase filter pressure. This stage indicates to backwash the filter. Generally filter sand should be replaced in 5 to 8 years based on usage. It is important to note to always shut filter off before moving valve handle and also always backwash filter immediately after adding new sand to the filter.

Sand Filters are easy-to-use, simple to operate and require low maintenance. In addition, backwashing is easy and sand filters are relatively inexpensive. Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse offers a variety of Hayward Sand Filters, Carvin Sand Filters and Filter Accessories.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters can filter as much as twice the dirt and debris as a Sand Filter. Cartridge Filter uses a fiber material to effectively removing dirt and suspended matter when water passes through it. The significant point is that Cartridge Filters maintenance is much easier as it do not need backwashing. This is also economical as pool owner do not need to remove water and pool chemicals. You only need to wash or replace cartridge. Energy cost also goes down by utilizing low pump pressure and hence prolong the life of your pool pump.

Cartridge Filters are perfect for aboveground pools and has less wear and tear. On the other hand, maintenance cost can be higher than other types of filters as cartridges need to be replaced every few years and has higher upfront price.

Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse showcase a variety of Hayward Cartridge Filters, Sta-Rite System Cartridge Filters and Filter Accessories.

D.E. Filters (Diatomaceous Earth)

DE stands for Diatomaceous earth and is a porous powder with microscopic openings and filters out smaller particles than the other types of filters. Magnification will show tiny sponges and when water is passed through these openings, one to three microns sized particles are trapped. D.E is like a white powder which is very fine and effective to filter extremely small particles from water. While adding DE Powder to your filer, It is advisable to use ½ cup less than the instructions because no matter how much you clean there is always leftover powder. If your DE powder is in excess then it will result in clogging the skimmer.

Discounter’s Pool & Spa Warehouse is selling one to the top branded Hayward D.E. filters that you can buy from any of our stores near to your location.

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