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For more than 70 years Ramuc Pool and Deck Paint has been dedicated to formulating the finest swimming pool, fountains and deck coatings for the backyard pool to the water park wave pool and everything in-between. Protect your investment and recapture the original beauty of your pool or commercial water attraction with proven protective coating systems manufactured by Ramuc.
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Marbelite Patch Kit – 4kg
SKU: 1622
Price: $59.99
TBS Marble Dust Repair Kit: A blend of Marble Dust and Medusa Cement combined with a unit of Acrylic Latex used for patching concrete pools. ***ONLINE PRICE ONLY***
Skid-Tex - 1lb – 9222
Model: 9222
SKU: 1620
Price: $7.99
An exclusive, non-skid compound, specially-formulated for easy mixing and application in all types of floor paints.
Ramuc Clean & Preperation - 930600001
Model: 930600001
SKU: 3955
Price: $49.99
Clean & Prep Solution is used to clean and degrease while simultaneously dissolving mineral deposits, increasing porosity for good adhesion on surfaces prior to painting. ***ONLINE PRICE ONLY***