Pro Logic Total Pool Management - Pool, Spa & Chemistry Automation

The Pro Logic Pool/Spa Automation system by Goldline is the ultimate in reliable, cost effective automation for all pools and spas. The Pro Logic product line has a control system for every pool owner. From the P-4 system for the value minded consumer to the full featured PS-16 for the high end pool, Pro Logic covers it all. In addition, Hayward offers a wide variety of wireless and wired accessory devices that allow each system to be configured exactly to meet the homeowner`s requirements.






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ProLogic - 4 Relays Contol Panel - PL-P-4-CUL
Model: PL-P-4-CUL
SKU: 3500
Price: $1,050.00

ProLogic - 4 Relays Contol Panel - PL-PS-4-CUL
Model: PL-PS-4-CUL
SKU: 3501
Price: $1,560.00

ProLogic - 8 Relays Contol Panel - PL-PS-8-CUL
Model: PL-PS-8-CUL
SKU: 3502
Price: $1,920.00

Hayward AquaConnect Home Network Device - AQ-CO-HOMENET
SKU: 4158
Price: $600.00

Aqua Logic Wireless Pod Remote Control - AQL2-POD
Model: AQL2-POD2
SKU: 3575
Price: $680.00

Aqua Logic Wireless Base Receiver – AQL-BASE-RF
SKU: 3504
Price: $210.00

Hayward - Goldline Pro Logic - P-KIT
Model: P-KIT
SKU: 3954
Price: $150.00
Goldline Plumbing Kit for Pro Logic & AquaLink Units • Each kit includes Flow Switch and Tee and (2) 2" Unions.